British Columbia
around Memorial Day

Dead Horse Point, Colorado River petroglyphs, Sego Canyon rock art, Big Sur, Pacific Coast HiWay, Lake Quinault rain forest, BC: Victoria - Tofino - Vancouver, Blodgett Creek, and Yellowstone
a 6500 mile road-trip via Moto Guzzi

Jim Wheeler's observations

Colorado River at Dead Horse Point, 12 miles SouthWest of Moab, Utah - N38 28.215 W109 44.369

Scenes along the Colorado River, 3 miles SouthWest of Moab - N38 32.665 W109 36.005

Native American rock art (petroglyphs) on the North side of Colorado River, 3 miles SouthWest of Moab - N38 32.665 W109 36.005

Colorado River at Gold Bar Canyon, 5 miles WNW of Moab - N38 34.786 W109 38.451

Barrier Canyon Style rock art (pictographs) at Sego Canyon, 33 miles NNW of Moab - N39 01.171 W109 42.634

Bullock Draw, near Ghost Rock in the middle of Utah. Mount Baldy is on the horizon - N38 51.811 W110 48.835

Rocky Point, 11 miles NNW of Big Sur - N36 24.147 W121 54.721

Rocky Creek, 9 miles NNW of Big Sur - N36 22.775 W121 54.140

Bixby Bridge (aka. Rocky Creek Bridge) , 8 miles NNW of Big Sur - N36 22.354 W121 54.104

Bixby Bridge, viewed from Hurricane Point - N36 21.450 W121 54.162

Ventura Rocks, 7 miles NW of Big Sur - N36 21.139 W121 53.989

Little Sur River finds the Pacific, 6 miles NW of Big Sur- N36 19.850 W121 53.493

Big Sur River, Los Padres National Forest, 2.5 miles SE of Big Sur - N36 14.826 W121 46.271

Viewing Torre Canyon from Lafler Canyon, 6.5 miles SE of Big Sur - N36 12.099 W121 43.659

McWay waterfall, 11 miles SE of Big Sur - N36 09.551 W121 40.293

McWay Rocks, looking North along the coast, 11 miles SE of Big Sur - N36 09.601 W121 40.405

McWay Canyon, in Julia Pfeiffer state park - N36 09.609 W121 40.106

view from Nepenthe Restaurant on Hwy 1 - N36 13.338 W121 45.569

Scott Wyker, owner of Rocky Point Records (he's one of Wheeler Audio's technicians) at his YURT between Big Sur and Carmel by the Sea

Cape Sebastian, along the Pacific Coast Hwy, in Oregon - N42 17.898 W124 24.536

Quinault Lake in the Quinault Rain Forest, Olympic Penninsula, Washington - N47 28.055 W123 50.927

Straight line winds caused tremendous damage in a Dec 2, 2007 storm, evidenced by photos in the rain forest, below.

The Strath: waitstaff at the rooftop bar -- 1 of 7 bars -- at Victoria's Strathcona Hotel (read: 'party-hotel') - N48 25.408 W123 21.947

Victoria's waterfront and downtown - N48 25.295 W123 22.285

Parliament Building in Victoria, the provincial capitol of BC
- N48 25.230 W123 22.188

Strait of Georgia, looking East from Vancouver Island... the British Columbia mainland is on the horizon - N48 35.077 W123 31.764

a stream on the road to Tofino, a small surfing community on the western edge of Vancouver Island - N49 17.689 W125 17.994

sunset on Tofino... this is where the road ends on Vancouver Island... any further West and you're in Japan! - N49 09.290 W125 54.537

Tofino... gorgeous wilderness... humpback whale and black bear watching... wolves, seals and bald eagles... surfers and hippies...

a lone wolf, looking for meal opportunities at low-tide - N49 07.905 W125 50.806

This smaller male Black Bear, bashful, headed for the woods when we approached. Note his ribs... he must have been hungry. Maybe if he weren't so shy he'd be able to eat more! - N49 08.078 W125 45.562

Here's a female and her cub. Black Bears hibernate at least 6 months of the year. So they have to eat constantly when they're awake to store fat for the long winter. My road-trip was in May, so they've just recently emerged from hibernation. - N49 10.365 W125 45.506

This is a large male Black Bear, chowing-down. Low tide exposes shoreline that's normally underwater, so bears can be seen turning over rocks looking for seafood and shellfish. He wasn't bashfull at all, and our close approach didn't interfere with his meal at all. No wonder he's so big! - N49 08.078 W125 45.562

Sixteen miles out to sea, SSW from Tofino, we spotted ten Humpback Whales - N48 56.067 W125 59.053

We saw two pair of Bald Eagles. Here's the first pair. - N49 09.666 W125 54.523

Bald Eagles mate for life. This pair has been returning to this same nest for twenty years, the locals say. Here, the male stands guard as the female hangs in the nest, in the tree right behind the male. Their nest is on a tiny island, maybe fifty feet across. - N49 09.716 W125 54.522

Harbour Seals bask on a rock. - N49 09.532 W125 54.619

downtown Vancouver, a waterfront metropolis... looking North from my hotel room - N49 17.288 W123 07.187

the building on the right is the Marriott... my room was the corner on the top floor (last room they had on Memorial Day weekend) - N49 17.288 W123 07.187

Wanapum Lake, near Wanapum Dam on the Columbia River, 120 miles SE of Seattle - N46 57.850 W119 57.853

Blodgett Creek, 5 miles NW of Hamilton, Montana - N46 16.206 W114 15.967

Bitterroot River, 1 mile West of Hamilton, Montana - N46 14.811 W114 10.653

Yellowstone National Park

Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River, viewed from Artist Point - N44 43.263 W110 28.762

Old Faithful geyser, erupts at dawn - N44 27.577 W110 49.949

Old Faithful Inn , situated right next to Old Faithful Geyser - N44 27.577 W110 49.949

Rustic Falls, 3 miles SSW from Mammoth Springs in NorthWest Yellowstone - N44 56.082 W110 43.479

Wind River, 12 miles SE of Dubois in NorthWest Wyoming - N43 24.888 W109 26.125

Grazing on the Wind River Indian Reservation - N43 09.323 W108 56.739

World's largest Sitka Spruce Tree in the Quinault Rain Forerst, Olympic Penninsula, Washington - N47 28.683 W123 49.787

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Moab: Dead Horse Point - Colorado River petroglyphs - Sego Canyon pictographs, Big Sur, Pacific Coast HiWay, Lake Quinault rain forest,
BC: Victoria - Tofino - Vancouver, Montana: Blodgett Creek, and Yellowstone

Gear Credits

photography: Canon 5D and 20D digital SLR camera bodies
Canon EF 24mm f1.4L, Canon EF 35mm f1.4L, Canon EF 50mm f1.2L, Canon EF 16-35mm f2.8L II zoom,
Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8L IS zoom, Canon EXT.EF 2x II lenses
shot in Canon camera raw, processed in PhotoShop CS3
geotagging: Garmin gpsMap76cs
conveyance: Moto Guzzi California 1100i (1995)

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