Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles
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Jim Wheeler's observations for a week between Christmas and New Years

The wreck of the Hilma Hooker - N12 06.236 W68 17.387
"1984 - Perhaps it was just the name that made someone suspicious or perhaps an inside tip. Regardless, when she lost power just off the coast of Bonaire and was towed to the main pier on the island, it was not too long before a search was conducted. Soon after that the cargo ship Hilma Hooker went into the history books as a drug smuggler: 25,000 pounds of marijuana were removed from between a real and a false bulkhead and placed on shore by the authorities. The Hilma Hooker was a general cargo ship with a length of 71.8 meters. She is about 11 meters wide, her tonnage, 1,027 and was built in Holland in 1951. Prior to being the Hilma Hooker the ship was known as the Doric Express. Before that she was the Anna and before that the William Express. Before that she was the Mistral and before that, the Midsland!" from

Here I am headed to a dive site on Harbour Lady, one of the fleet of dive boats operated by Buddy Dive - Bonaire.
This photo was taken by new friend and fellow diver / shooter Paul Selden

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Gear Credits:
Canon EOS 5D digital SLR camera body
Canon EF 100mm f2.8 macro lens, Canon EF 16-35mm f2.8 wide-angle zoom lens
Ikelite Underwater Housing, flat-focus and dome lens ports, Ikelite strobes: ds-200 and/or two ds-125's
shot in Canon camera raw, at highest res of camera (13megapixel, 4368x2912), processed in PhotoShop CS4
Garmin gpsMap76cs

ScubaPro Titanium MK 25T / S600T regulator
ScubaPro KnightHawk BCD-Air 2 inflator/2nd stage
uWatec (ScubaPro) Smart Tec Wrist computer

Dive Site Maps (download my Garmin MapSource file) [ MapSource software required, get it here ]
Jim's Dive Log of these 16 dives (download my uWatec dive computer file) [ ScubaPro SmartTrak software required,get it here ]

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