Ambergris Caye - Coral Reef StillLife

Jim Wheeler's observations, around the New Year

barrel spongeLongspine SquirrelfishTrumpetfishLongspine SquirrelfishStoplight ParrotfishSchoolmasterBlue WrasseNasau GrouperNasau GrouperGrey AngelfishTiger Grouper a Spotted Moray eyes a Bluehead WrasseLoggerhead Turtle, 5 feet longLagerhead TurtleQueen TriggerfishQueen TriggerfishIndigo HamletTrumpetfish Algae on Brain CoralLongspine SquirrelfishStoplight ParrotfishGang of Three - very oddGang of Three - very oddGang of Three - very oddConeyFilefishTrumpetfish TrumpetfishQueen AngelfishSpotted MoraySpotted MorayRainbow ParrotfishRimora on Nurse SharkTiger Grouper at cleaning station Brain CoralGrey AngelfishLobster Sea UrchinGreen MorayGreen MorayGreen MorayRainbow ParrotfishGreen Algae on Brain CoralGrey AngelfishSouthern Stingrayschooling in Hol Chan5 foot long Rainbow Parrotfish diving Hol ChanSchoolmasters in Hol ChanTemple of the Jaguar, Lamanai ruinsTemple of the Jaguar, Lamanai ruinsa pyramid still owned by the jungleIguana Brain Coral

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Gear Credits:
Canon 5D digital SLR camera body
Canon EF 100mm f2.8 macro, Canon EF 16-35mm f2.8L zoom, Canon EF 180mm f3.5L macro
Ikelite Underwater Housing and associated lens ports, Ikelite strobes: ds-125 and ds-50
PhotoShop CS2
Garmin gpsMap76cs

ScubaPro Titanium MK 25T / S600T regulator
ScubaPro KnightHawk BCD-Air 2 inflator/2nd stage
uWatec (ScubaPro) Smart Tec Wrist computer

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