Hiking Grand Canyon
a 25 mile hike

21 May 2010 thru 22 May 2010

Jim Wheeler's observations

a Rim to Rim hike, descending from the North Rim, spending the night at Phantom Ranch, then hiking out to the South Rim

Water from Roaring Springs is piped across the Colorado River to Indian Gardens,
where the pumping station there lifts it up to the South Rim.
This is the source for all water on the North and South Rim.

Bright Angel Creek descends from the North Rim and merges with Roaring Springs from the left.

Bright Angel Creek descends the Canyon from the North.
It empties into the Colorado River just below Phantom Ranch.

Ribbon Falls, on the descent from the North Rim - N36 09.525 W112 03.324

Phantom Ranch cantina - N36 06.266 W112 05.750

After dinner, a park ranger discusses the geology of Grand Canyon.

This cyclist rode to the South Rim, then packed his bike down to the River (here),
and climbed out to the North Rim, where I assume he re-assembled his 'ride' and pedalled on.
Now THAT's a hard-core biker!

The next morning, hiking out to the South Rim

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